After more than two decades of coaching and informal writing, Kathi Miller-Miller entered the formal literary world with her first work, “Your Journey from Fired to Hired,” published by Friesen Press in 2014. She is a frequent talk radio guest, "Pulse" writer for LinkedIn, an expert for Women's World magazine and scheduled to be one of 20 top career experts featured in an upcoming career symposium.

The experiences for her writing are derived from her extensive career in marketing, training, management, coaching, employee recruitment, new business development and business strategy. Her passion for the art of spoken and written communication has been one of the foundational pillars of her 25 year career.

At Kathi Miller-Miller, they focus on helping you succeed! Many FREE career resources are available to you through the blog at And don't forget to check out Kathi's new book, "Your Journey from Fired to Hired" available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Having been fired herself in 2013, Kathi shares her own experiences in this book to help you make the transition from hearing the words, "You're Fired" to "You're Hired!"